James Schlesinger
Independent graphic- advertising- and web-design professional Los Angeles (retired)




Promotion for writer, actor, producer, director, fitness instructor, US Coast Guard Commander (ret.) and former White House Social Aide

John Conroy


Writing-sampler for freelance technology and general assignment journalist

Enrique May


Portfolio for entertainment and advertising animation storyboard (sequential imagery) and character design artist

HIT Service


Hollywood tax preparation company promotion

Dr Domino DDS


Dental office promotion (for sale)
All text and photos are FPO (dummies)

Dentist/crusader/candies illustrations Enrique May


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 Invitations (with large=accessible



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Trade ads


Series of promotional print ads for international silicon wafer industry trade shows

Editor-in-chief Tom Cheyney

Magazine makeover

Look inside⤴


Makeover of medical device manufacturing industry “product tab” magazine 11/99–09/03

Brainchild of guest editor-in-chief William Leventon



Historical graph illustration and animation narrative

Animation replays with 15-second

Flying Pig poster



Broadway “Musical Comedy Thriller” theater poster (post-production) (The text is FPO because the book, cast, production company and theatre are still up in the air)



“Delayed Euro reimbursements in the EU” MICRO magazine narrative illustration

Venice beach card



Venice beach CA greeting card



Human factors narrative



EMI story narrative illustration for medical device magazine

Identity packaging

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Identity and packaging for early hand-held device medical records software to be sold
in dedicated Apple Newton stores

Staff enlarge
Identity packaging

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Identity and point-of-sale packaging
for publisher of legal forms

Identity packaging

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Spacemaker panel
Spacemaker panel

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